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What kind of food do you serve?

We serve Modern American food with global influences. It's an exotic and eclectic array of meat, fish, vegetable and cheese dishes in appetizer portions designed to be shared. The average party of 2 orders 5 or 6 dishes depending on appetite and selections. There are usually 20-25 small plates to choose from ranging in price from $4 to $30.

Do you serve Vegetarian & Vegan dishes?

There are always a few options for Vegetarians, but even fewer dishes for Vegans. Most of our creations are meant for Omnivores.

Are you a BYOB?

No, we offer a very creative list of specialty cocktails, a domestic wine list and bottled beers from Pennsylvania.

So I can have a cocktail at the bar before my reservation?

There isn't a physical bar where you can sit, only a small service bar in the back. We are happy to serve you a cocktail in our comfortable waiting area. Because we don't have a bar for guests to wait, we book very generous times for our reservations. A party of 2 is booked for just under 2 hrs, a party 3 or 4-just over 2 hrs, a party of 5 or 6-just under 3 hours. These times are based on 20 years of restaurant experience and most diners do not require that much time. Despite the generous booking times, there are forces outside of our control that may cause you to wait for your table. If people are late, lost, can't settle on what to order for dinner or whip out their photos from their last European vacation, other patrons will unfortunately have to wait.

Can I bring my own alcohol if I pay a corkage fee?


Can I get a quiet table?

On Wednesday at 5pm, sure. Friday or Saturday night at 7:30pm, definitely not. The volume in the restaurant depends on who is dining at any particular moment so there is no way we can control that. The parts we can control, we did. We installed many soft surfaces (i.e. carpet, curtains, padded chairs), which help with sound baffling. Our goal at HONEY is to provide a fun experience so that usually involves a lot of laughter and lively conversation. If you feel that others are being excessively loud in a public space, it is your right to politely ask them to turn the volume down. We, however, CAN NOT!

What is the largest party size you accept for reservations?

On Friday and Saturday the largest table we will book is a party of 6. We have found through experience that large tables have a tendency to get very loud and it disturbs the other guests. HONEY is an intimate and romantic space with only 12 tables. Our specialty is Date Night.

Do you have a dress code?

Smart casual. You will find plenty of people in jeans but we are known to many as a "special occasion" restaurant so you won't look out of place dressing up either. Look your best to feel your best!

Are you child friendly?

We have chicken fingers, French fries and mozzarella sticks for kids. We do not have high chairs as the aisles are too narrow to allow them, but we do have booster seats. Dinner service for a party of 2 is booked for just under 2 hours so you might find that your littlest ones can't sit still that long. Treat yourself to some alone time and celebrate date night at HONEY!

I'm a picky eater. Can't I just get something plain?

If you want plain boring food, we kindly suggest you visit another restaurant. After all, you wouldn't go to a nightclub and ask the DJ to turn down the music!

I have a lot of allergies and dietary restrictions. Can you make me something special?

We certainly do our best to accommodate our guests. But because we are a sharing style restaurant, when one person needs to change a dish it will affect everyone at the table's experience. When someone brings a list of 35 ingredients they can't eat without calling ahead on a Saturday night, it affects everyone in the restaurant's experience. Yes, that happened! Our dishes require a lot of advance preparation so it is often impossible to simply omit certain ingredients. PLEASE mention any dietary restrictions when booking your reservation to see if we have something to offer you. We have a Gluten Free menu available upon request.

What if I don't like a dish that I ordered?

No problem. Just politely tell your server that you didn't care for that particular dish and they will take it away. They will inquire what you didn't like about it in an effort to improve the dish if necessary. PLEASE don't eat the entire dish before you voice your complaint. Why fill up on something you don't like?? There are lots of other things to choose from, so let us bring you something you will enjoy more.

Can I just order my food a little at a time?

It is in your best interest to order the bulk of your order in the beginning. We will not bring your order out all at once. We course out your food so that the flavors that are on your table at any one moment will complement one another. Also, eating a spicy dish before a mild dish will make the mild one seem bland. That being said, you can always order more if you find that you are still hungry.

Why do I have to give my credit card number to hold reservations?

We only request a credit card number on Friday & Saturday because we are such a small restaurant. We have 3 seatings on the weekends and when people call too late for the "prime time" seating, they reluctantly accept a 5pm or 9:30pm reservation knowing they would NEVER eat at that time. When people "No show" for off peak reservation times, it hurts other guests that would gladly fill them.

What if I need to cancel?

You can certainly cancel a weekend reservation held with a credit card! We only ask for 2 hours of notice. That's right, only 2 hours! Surely you would know if your plans were going to change by then.

Do you offer private parties or catering?


Where can I park?

We do not have a parking lot and there is NO PARKING behind the restaurant. There are a few metered spots on Shewell Avenue. The rest of the street is by parking permit only, so we recommend that you park at the National Penn Bank which is located just past HONEY on the right. Doylestown can become very congested with traffic, especially on Friday and Saturday, and the streets can be confusing so please allow ample time to arrive on time for your reservation.

Are you handicap accessible?

Sorry, like many of the old buildings in Doylestown, we are not.